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6 Common Piano Mistakes and how I avoid them!

Learn about some of the mistakes I've made on the Piano and let's try to tackle these common challenges which face us! Over the years of playing the Piano, I’ve learned so much from the mistakes I’ve made along the way. While playing a variety of music on stage and in the studio, I’ve developed a few tweaks to my game which I hope will help you fast track your journey to becoming a confident Pianist. This lesson covers various technical changes which I’ve corrected with my students and myself over my 20+ years of professional Piano playing! All these 6 things focus on improving your musicality while relaxing your muscles along the way!

00:00 Intro Performance

00:36 Introduction

05:55 Usage of the Right Hand Thumb

08:37 Usage of the Sustain Pedal

14:26 Usage of Spread Voicing or any voicing!

21:51 Always starting with the ROOT position of the chord

25:42 Advantage of Multiple Scales?

32:58 Sight Reading?

38:23 Conclusion

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