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Best settings for Zoom Music Classes - Part 2️⃣

Enable the best settings for high-quality music lessons using Zoom. Every possible professional video & audio setting is covered for professional online music education. All relevant software & hardware with links to properly integrate them all together is available in our PDF study guide here on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/posts/59466837 Important things to download (more in the study guide) Zoom: https://zoom.us/download OBS: https://obsproject.com/download Droidcam (Android/Windows): https://droidcam.en.softonic.com/ Camo (Mac Only): https://reincubate.com/camo/ OBS Ninja: https://obs.ninja/

00:00 Best video settings for Zoom

04:24 Best audio settings for Zoom

11:35 Other settings

13:08 Loopback & SoundSource (Rogue Amoeba) for Audio routing

15:58 Conclusion

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