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Can a SCALE 🎼 be both MAJOR & MINOR? 🤔

In this Piano Tutorial, we explore the topic “Hybrid Scales” which makes a scale with many intervals (Major & Minor) which can be used interchangeably! We use one of my songs, “Onward Bound” which uses this concept and also cover a little on another topic “Exotic Scales” at the end of the lesson.

00:00 Performance

02:05 Introduction

01:41 Exploring the “Key” of A

02:02 A Major Intervals

04:32 The Beatles have done it

05:37 Hybrid Major & Minor 3rds

06:45 Sixth Intervals

08:37 Exploring “Onward Bound”

09:33 All intervals explored

11:16 The Hybrid Minor

13:51 Exotic Scales

15:21 Revision

15:47 Hybrid Riffs

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