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CONQUER Hand Independence on the Piano & IMPROVE your Sense of Rhythm (Part 2)

Using the most basic finger exercise ever created for the Piano, we develop hand independence along with a keen sense of rhythm and timing using beat division, accents, dotted notes, triplets, eighth notes & sixteenth notes Watch Part 1 if you haven't already: 📚Download all my handwritten notes for this lesson: 🎹🎼 Join my Piano (+Theory) course & exclusive learning community (Members Only): 📜 Register for my Virtual Piano course: 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Follow me on Instagram:

00:00 Intro Performance

00:38 Introduction

02:01 Dotted Feel

04:03 The Edge Delay

06:35 How To Play The Shaker

12:36 Quarter Note Triplets

19:49 Accents

23:38 Conclusion

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