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Ear Training 🎹 Exercises for Beginners🦻(⑤ Piano Levels 🧗🏽‍♀️)

Is this Ear Training lesson for beginners on the Piano, we look at 5 levels of developing your melodic ear using a three-dimensional approach that works on your Theory, Technique, and your Ear of course! Use your voice to create melodies and find them on the Piano using a variety of easy-to-form shapes.

00:00 Intro Performance

00:34 Introduction

02:19 Level 1 - 3 notes at a time

10:08 Level 2 - Triads

15:51 Level 3 - Triads with Inversions

21:05 Level 4 - 5 notes at a time

26:09 Level 5 - Major vs Minor

32:28 Conclusion

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