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Easiest way to make Chords more COMPLEX

Using a spread voicing technique in the left hand keeping a triad as the starting point, learn how to grow the harmony and add colour using sevenths, sixths, augmented chords and more. Download all my handwritten notes - https://www.patreon.com/jasonzac Support our channel: https://paypal.me/jasonzac?locale.x=en_GB

01:02 - How to voice chords in the Left Hand (Bass register)

02:27 - The Major 7th chord (FACE)

04:03 - The Dominant 7th chord (FACEb)

05:29 - Practicing I IV & V chords using 7th Harmony

07:03 - More chord extensions - Major 6th and Augmented chord

08:19 - Minor Extensions and James Bond!

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