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Explore a BRAVE NEW WORLD with the MINOR Progression

In Part 6, the conclusive video of our 6-part series of Exploring the “Minor Chord Progression”, we build brave sounding chord progressions using the Minor scale. This compositional approach is used a lot in Rock music and epic movie scores. 00:00 Performance

00:36 Introduction to the “Brave” approach with “Am”

02:55 What is “BRAVE” for me?

03:39 Exploring the “Brave new world”

04:54 The essence of “Rock” music

07:06 The “EPIC” Minor Progression

07:43 The IIIb, VIb & VIIb Major chords

08:49 Jason Jams, Improvises and brings it all together

11:21 The Final Emotional Conclusion


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