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Exploring DRONE Chords with Bass Pedal Tones (Music Theory & Songwriting)

Learn how to compose music on the Piano with Bass Pedal Tones also called Drones. Using this style of harmony, we can develop riffs, extend the length of a song and establish a new section that can build up to the chorus! We study Drones using Cadences, Modes, Line Cliche, Melodic Chords and Model Interchange

00:00 Intro performance

00:39 Introduction

05:56 Cadence Drones - Plagal & Authentic

10:59 Modal Drones - Mixolydian, Lydian, Phrygian, Mixo b6

16:31 Line Cliche Drones - Upper and Lower Register

21:36 Melodic Chord Drones - Inversions & Suspensions

26:30 Modal Interchange with a single Bass drone

32:07 Final Tip #1 - Use Riffs and Grooves in the Bass

33:11 Final Tip #2 - Extend the length of a chord with Drones

34:49 Final Tip #3 - Use Drones for a specific section of a song

35:46 Conclusion

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