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Hand Independence Exercises for Piano (using Sixteenth Notes) - PART 2

Develop hand independence for Piano with sixteenth-note exercises by Jason Zac. In this lesson, we learn to play a chord pattern in the Right Hand and support it with the root, and 5th of the chords played as the pulse in the left hand. Also, look out for some interesting chord voicing and creative turnaround options at the end of the progression. 00:12 Introduction

01:00 Pattern demonstration

01:35 The two chords

02:15 Breaking down the pattern (Right Hand)

03:21 Developing rock-solid timing with the pulse and the “time feel”

04:59 The Left-Hand pattern (Root + Fifth Pulse)

06:26 Developing independence between the two hands

06:58 “Staccato” Right Hand & “Legato” Left Hand

08:35 Singing & Playing 09:13 The turn around chord options

10:49 Forming the D7b9 chord

12:20 Super Slow Version


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