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Hand Independence Exercises for Piano (using Sixteenth Notes) - PART 4

Develop hand independence for Piano with sixteenth-note exercises by Jason Zac. In this lesson, we use Open (spread) voicing in the Left hand with a soulful chord progression following a sixteenth note groove pattern. While this happens in the left hand, we embellish the chords with extended harmony in the right hand (upper extensions) to develop a jazz flavor. To add to the independence, the right hand will work on playing these chords as the Pulse (quarter notes) 00:00 Performance

00:24 Introduction

01:51 Left Hand Spread Voicing

06:02 Fingering for the Left Hand “Open Voicing” Chords

07:39 Properly counting Sixteenth notes (using the Shaker & the Grid)

09:17 Playing the Bassline with the Pulse (Voice)

11:48 Right hand extended voicing

12:07 Eb Maj 7 & 9th formation

13:26 Fmin7 embellishment

15:13 The Bb9sus4 dominant chord

16:47 LH groove along with the RH voicing

17:24 Pulse with Sustain Pedal in the RH (Root - Eb)

18:45 The final frontier - Pulse with Chords in the RH

20:22 Thinking like a “Drummer”

22:10 Conclusion

24:58 Super Slow Version


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