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How to choose the CORRECT Keyboard or Piano which suits you best

Learn how to choose the correct keyboard or Digital Piano or MIDI controller which suits you best. Jason Zac, our Keyboard Faculty, demystifies the various types of keyboards that one can buy. They come in many different avatars starting from the most basic (portable keyboards) to the most advanced, multi-functional (midi controllers and workstations). These cover a wide range of requirements and an even wider range of budgets. Learn how to choose your first keyboard or plan your first next purchase based on many factors ranging from your style of music to the technical specifications. We also cover features that should ideally be there in most Keyboards. Topics covered include: No. of Keys Action Touch Polyphony Multi-Timbrality MIDI compatibility Computer Integration Sequencer, Arpeggiator, Sampler I/O - Interface - Hardware/Software Controllers and UI Storage and Expansion Types of Keyboards Synthesizer Keyboard Workstation Portable Keyboards Digital Pianos - Console and Stage MIDI Controller

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