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How to CONSTRUCT Chords for ANY MELODY - Easy Piano & Music Theory Tutorial (Cadences)

Using Cadences and a variety of chord progression ideas, we brainstorm various methods in this detailed Piano tutorial to create harmony for pretty much any melody using important music theory concepts.

Download all the MIDI files and notes here: 00:00 Performance

00:14 Introduction

02:19 Melody with the Pulse

03:17 Stacking Fifths (Power Chord)

05:56 Using Stacked Thirds for Harmony

07:38 Classical Cadences

11:10 Playing Chords & Melody together (Beginner & Advanced)

13:58 Line Cliche Bass

16:22 Climbing up with Slash Chords

18:16 Secondary Dominants

21:23 Major ii-V-I (2-5-1)

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