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How to COUNT & FEEL the Rhythm GRID inside a DAW

Do support us on Patreon for Jason’s handwritten notes lessons for various topics. You will also gain access to ALL the content which we put out regularly on our YouTube channel: https://www.patreon.com/jasonzac In this lesson, Jason Zac takes you through ALL the Grid Settings of a DAW (Reaper) and teaches how to count each "time feel" (division of the beat) You will learn how to count internalize the subdivisions as well as train your ear to know whether a piece of music is played as Straight, Swing, Dotted, or Triplets. The correct GRID settings inside a DAW are very useful when it comes to the arrangement as a music producer. It allows us to use all of our tracks with "purpose" and also to perform tasks such as drum programming, quantizing, and editing. Lesson Flow: 00:27 - Introduction 06:23 - Feeling & Counting Eighth Notes 10:22 - Feeling & Counting Triplets 14:00 - The “Swing” Feel 17:05 - Swing vs Straight 18:21 - 1/16th note straight 21:53 - 1/16th note “swing” & triplets 23:06 - Dotted time feel 26:06 - Revision & Conclusion

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