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How to EMBELLISH and IMPROVE a Piano Melody 🎶🎹 2️⃣

Learn how to write a better Piano Melody with an easy music composing tutorial including songwriting tips & tricks. Learn some advanced Melody writing tools including Call and Response, Turn around, bass movement, rhythm patterns, time signatures & embellish the melody using grace notes, fillers and turns A Melody is nothing without a catchy rhythm and dynamic harmony. By starting with just a few notes and simple music theory (beat division & phrase building) we make the tune sound a lot more catchy and last longer with harmonic and rhythmic variations.

00:00 Embellishing the Melody with Call & Response style

05:22 Embellishing the Melody with Turns and Grace notes

12:13 Rhythmic Patterns using Bass (Left Hand)

13:22 Bass passing and filler notes (Left Hand)

17:21 Exploring different Time signatures (meters)

20:20 Exploring the turnaround

22:19 Improvisation

23:33 Conclusion

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