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How to play Legato and Staccato on the Piano - Posture | Technique | Exercise

In this detailed Piano tutorial, learn how to play Melody & Chords with Legato & Staccato using a simple finger exercise. Also covered are important practice techniques on using the wrist and fingers correctly and also to play with dynamics. Understand the use of the Sustain Pedal and the basics of finger independence.

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00:00 Performance

00:31 Introduction to Legato & Staccato

02:28 Five finger drill

03:44 How to practice the piano exercise

06:64 Breathing Dynamics

07:28 What is NOT Legato

08:59 The “Recoil” action

10:32 “Choppy” playing style

11:29 “Tasteful” overlapping finger independence

13:35 Legato for Chords and Inversions

14:50 How to use sustain pedal

15:49 How to play Staccato

17:44 Proper wrist technique

21:52 Staccato for Chords

23:07 Revision of the lesson

25:02 Conclusion

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