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How to Setup REAPER (DAW) - Preferences | Project Settings | Audio Devices | MIDI

In this Reaper DAW Tutorial by Jason Zac, you will learn how to set up and customize the recording application efficiently by understanding the preferences, file management structure, project settings, and more. If you are about to use Reaper, just about getting into Music Production or switching DAWs, then this lesson is for you. Topics Covered * Downloading Reaper along with SWS extensions * ASIO4ALL if you don’t have an audio interface * Audio Device and MIDI controller settings * All preferences and customizing it for your workflow * Project Settings and customization * Importing configurations Download Jason’s Reaper configurations file with shortcuts here: Important download links: Install Reaper: Install SWS extensions: Install ASIO4ALL driver (for Windows users without an audio interface): Please consider donating and supporting our channel:

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