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How to SYNC Audio and Video in Final Cut Pro X [SUPER EASY For MUSICIANS]

Here's how you can perfectly sync audio with video using music clips in Final Pro X. We go through the challenge of syncing, a great software (Plural Eyes) to get this done in seconds, and also a "manual" & "free" musicians only hack which I use when things just don't work out! The hack works in any video editing software. Plural Eyes can also be used for Premiere Pro & Da Vinci Resolve.

00:00 The many technical challenges Musicians face

01:25 The challenge of Syncing

02:13 My Riff Workflow - Video & Audio

06:29 Plural Eyes to “Sync” all footage

08:37 Exporting to Final Cut Pro (FCPX)

10:00 Working with clips in FCPX

12:28 Syncing “without” Plural Eyes (Manually)

13:35 Super Quick Trick for Manual Sync

15:45 Revision

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