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How to Understand and COUNT 6/8 time on the Piano using Arpeggios - Part 1

Understand and count 6/8 time signature in detail on the Piano using various arpeggio patterns over a chord progression. Support us on Patreon for a PDF file containing Jason’s handwritten notes lessons on “Exploring the 6/8 time feel”. Along with this file, you will also gain access to ALL the content which we put out regularly on our YouTube channel: https://www.patreon.com/jasonzac In this lesson of two parts, we explore the 6/8 time signature on the Piano and look at various patterns to play a chord progression over the time feel. In Part 1, we look at simple approaches using a “Triplet” feel and counting “Eighth Notes” over a 3/4 meter. In Part 2, we explore accents of 6 sub beats to create a “busy” and “lazy” feel as well as irregular odd number grouping of notes. We feel this time signature using various arpeggios patterns on the Piano. You will first learn the most important and popular ways of playing 6/8 and then make the six feel sound unique using accents as well as “non-chord tones” 0:00 - Introduction 0:41 - Chord Progression 2:30 - Creating 6/8 Patterns And Thinking In Terms Of Triplets 13:09 - Changing The Accents

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