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How to Use Secondary Dominant Chords to COMPOSE COLORFUL Music (Songwriting/Theory)

Learn how to use Secondary Dominant Chords with Music Theory and a breakdown of “The Sound of Music” masterpiece, Do Re Mi. Demonstrated on the Piano with this specific song, however, can be applied to a variety of songs with any harmonic instrument. We first look at the Chord Theory of the Major Scale, build the Primary dominant chord, and then move to form all the secondary dominant chords. In this lesson, we cover Music Theory, Ear Training, Composition & important Songwriting techniques used by the great artists. 00:00 Performance.

00:18 Introduction & what makes a Melody great!

01:18 Chord Theory of Bb Major Scale

02:00 How do Dominants (Primary) work?

03:56 Formation of Secondary Dominants (Theory) 08:51 How to use Secondary Dominants (Composition) 12:50 Secondary Dominants with “Do-Re-Mi” (Application)

13:06 How the Melody is Composed (with Harmonic Analysis)

14:38 Passing & Landing Tones (Strong & Weak beats)

21:11 Breakdown & Revision


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