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How to Use the Metronome (5 techniques) Beginner & Advanced - #Metronome #RhythmTraining

Learn how to use the Metronome for practicing your music with 5 different techniques presented by Jason Zac. In a nutshell, the topics covered are below: 1) How to properly set up the Metronome as a music composer, songwriter or producer 2) 5 important approaches to the Metronome aimed at developing your feeling of time and groove 3) Use of the popular metronome app, Pro Metronome with some of its advanced features For online classes, courses, and workshops Write to us: WhatsApp us: +917760456847 / +919845465411 1:05 - How to set a metronome correctly for recording and live performance 6:24 - Slower the Better (Practicing at half speed & quarter speed) 12:00 - Faster for the “body” and slower for the “mind” 16:56 - Feeling all the beats of the bar (other than 1) 20:58 - Introduction to Accents | Using accents over Subdivisions 25:50 - Summer of ’69 explained 24:46 - Advanced Metronome features - Randomiser | Automator | Subdivisions Jason's Riffs: Pro Metronome (Android) : Pro Metronome (iOS) :

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