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How to WRITE a MELODY on PIANO - Arpeggios

Join us on Patreon for a PDF file containing Jason’s handwritten notes for all the 5 lessons on “Creating Melodies on Piano”. Along with this file, you will also gain access to ALL the content which we put out regularly on our YouTube channel: https://www.patreon.com/jasonzac Arpeggio Melodies The arpeggio is among the most commonly used techniques followed by Pianists resulting in “storytelling” progressions and enhancing the dynamics of the music we play. In this tutorial, we take the concepts of playing Arpeggios and apply them to “melody-building”. We cover: 04:14 - Usage of Inversions and Voice Leading essentials 06:43 - Usage of Accents 08:43 - The “Wandering” melody 11:46 - “Broken” arpeggios over a “Time Feel” (Beat Division System)


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