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How to WRITE a MELODY on PIANO - "Motif" (Building Phrases)

Join us on Patreon for a PDF file containing Jason’s handwritten notes for all the 5 lessons on “Creating Melodies on Piano”. Along with this file, you will also gain access to ALL the content which we put out regularly on our YouTube channel: https://www.patreon.com/posts/40380858 Melodic & Rhythmic Patterns In this lesson, we take a very simple and catchy melody which can be made to survive throughout the vi IV I V chord progression using efficient concepts to make your music not to “complicated” and not to “monotonous” for the listener. Building the “Motif” We then modify the “motif” by 01:51 - Changing the landing note 06:27 - Transpose around the chord 09:01 - Addition & Subtraction of notes In this tutorial series, you will learn how to build melodies on the Piano or any musical instrument/arrangement DAW using any existing chord progression. We have used vi IV I V, a very popular progression using in tons of songs including Toto’s “Africa” (Chorus), Avicii’s “Wake me Up”, Cranberries “Zombie” and lots more. The key used is the Bb Major Scale (Bb C D Eb F G A) and thus the chords are Gm Eb Bb F We play the chords in the Left Hand using inversions with a steady pattern and build melodies in the Right Hand using a variety of techniques

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