ICONIC Melodic Phrases using Chord INVERSIONS on the Piano

In this piano lesson, we unleash the power of chord inversions to create thematic hooks using their upper voicings. We use a simple 4-chord progression and look at a number of possibilities to create catchy melodic phrases which can put a stamp on your next song!

00:00 Performance

00:20 Revision of the Chord Progression

01:03 Building Chord Inversions & Voice Leading

03:32 Unearthing the Melody Line

05:02 Identifying & Singing the Melody

05:54 Starting from the First Inversion

07:19 Chord Tips for Music Producers

08:30 Floating a Hook with Chord Inversions

13:10 Arrangement Ideas

13:56 Revision

15:51 Introduction to Part 5

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