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IMPROVING your Sense of RHYTHM (Part 1)

Learn how to truly “feel” rhythm with this in-depth tutorial series on improving your sense of timing and rhythm. Explained on the Piano but can be easily applied to other instruments including Vocals, Percussion, Guitar, and more. We’ve divided the lesson series into 3 parts. First, we focus on the core aspects of Rhythm - The Pulse & Time Signature along with demonstrations. Secondly, we look at developing a solid “time feel” by using beat division, swing vs straight, and then building piano patterns using “rhythmic devices”. Lastly, we look at some advanced musical concepts including Polyrhythm, Polymeter, and the Dotted Time feel.

00:00 Performance

01:13 What is Rhythm?

02:05 Importance of Rhythm

04:44 Feeling the Pulse

08:22 Developing Dynamics (Breathing)

09:58 Understanding Time Signature / Meter / Cycle

14:22 Odd-Meter Demonstration (5 & 7)

17:01 Introduction to Beat Division (Part 2)

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