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Improvise over ONE chord (& ONE rhythm pattern) - Part 2

In this 5-part series by Jason Zac, you will learn how to improvise over a Major triad using a constant rhythm pattern. The lesson is demonstrated on Piano & Trumpet however is intended for all musicians practicing a variety of genres. To practice the lesson better, we’ve put together a lot of resources - Backing Tracks, 12 bar blues progressions (play-along) and Static chords on all keys. Along with this, you will have access to notation and Jason’s handwritten notes. You will also be supporting our channel in a great way. Head over to In this lesson series, we first explain a rhythm which uses musical phrasing techniques and stays consistent throughout your learning (practices ideally between 105-115 bpm). After which, we play various melodies over a static chord (Bb major) and the steady rhythm pattern using a variety of concepts - Chord Tones, Embellishments, Pentatonic scales, Mixolydian scales, The blues scale and chromatic notes (passing vs landing). The lesson also focussing on the proper usage of dynamics and options which you will have for articulation and further enhancing your creativity Part 2 - Major Pentatonic & Mixolydian scales

00:49 Major Pentatonic formation & improvisation

03:18 Mixolydian Scale formation & improvisation

Each part can be accessed here:

Part 1: Chord tones & embellishments using Major 6th and Dominant 7th -

Part 2: Major Pentatonic & Mixolydian scales -

Part 3: The Blues Scale -

Part 4: Chromatic improv -

Part 5: Melodic Dynamics and proper articulation -

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