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😻 Isn't she Lovely - Pentatonic Lick in both hands 🙌🏽 Stevie Wonder 🎹 Piano Lesson on all 12 Keys

Learn the iconic Major Pentatonic Scale lick of the Stevie Wonder Classic, “Isn’t She Lovely” on all 12 keys. In this Piano tutorial, we cover the correct fingering of each scale and play the phrase with both hands. This will hopefully improve your Piano technique and develop the instinct for correct fingering as we move beyond the more linear 7 note scales to the more “stretchy” pentatonic scales!

📚 The lick is transcribed on all 12 Keys with Correct Fingering. Download PDF & MIDI on our Patreon and support us here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/isnt-she-lovely-97707788

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