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POWERFUL Piano Accompaniment technique for ANY GENRE

Jason Zac presents a popular Piano accompaniment technique over a variety of music including Power Ballads, Movie Themes/Soundtracks, Rock, Electronic Dance music (Piano), Gospel, Country, and more. The technique is based on keeping a strong pulse while practicing different beat division systems in response to the musicians around you. This could be a survival technique for any pianist as well as a method to make any song sound rich and "epic" We use an interesting chord progression for this tutorial: A D/A (or Dm/A) FMaj7 {Gsus G} Lesson Flow: 0:00 Introduction 0:54 Chord Progression 3:03 Playing The Pulse 5:06 Eighth Note Feel 8:31 Triplet Feel 12:06 Sixteenth note Feel 14:29 Sixteenth note triplet Feel 15:33 32nd note Feel (Dividing By 8) Listen to Jason Zac's latest album, "The Absence of Laughter" on all platforms: https://orcd.co/theabsenceoflaughter


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