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Read a Piano Rhythm & Improvise with Chord Patterns

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00:00 Performance

00:23 What is a Rhythmic Chord?

01:22 Goals of the tutorial

03:51 Chord progression

05:38 Chord inversions

06:57 Roots of the chord in the left hand

08:02 The rhythm patterns

11:10 Right-hand rhythm over left-hand bass

14:01 Rhythmic arpeggios

15:24 Percussive syncopation

17:03 Broken chords

17:56 Left hand broken chords

19:17 Spread voicing

20:00 Right-hand melody with left-hand arpeggio

20:41 Recap

22:48 Three more rhythms for practice

25:40 How to clap the rhythm correctly

26:44 How to practice

29:22 Conclusion

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