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SURE SHOT Ear Training strategies to LEARN Chord ProgressionsExclusive access to 25 exercises design

Exclusive access to 25 exercises designed for this Ear Training lesson waiting for you on our Patreon page with high quality audio recordings - Answers will also be emailed to all Patrons In this Ear Training lesson for Piano players and pretty much any musician and singer, we explore 5 organic approaches to figuring out the chord progressions of a variety of songs just using our Ear & Music Theory fundamentals. We derive the chords based on the Melody, Roots (Bass), Cadences & various predictive approaches. 👂🏽 Learn Ear Training with our structure video courses: Ear Training 🎹 Exercises for Beginners🦻(⑤ Piano Levels 🧗🏽‍♀️) : How to Sing and Play Intervals (Theory & Ear Training) : Learn a Song by EAR | The Bassline:

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