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Taylor Swift - Midnights (3 am Edition) Chord Charts

Here's your one-stop to learn the chords from the extended 20-song Taylor Swift album. Each song is listed section by section along with roman numerals for the scale degrees. You can use these charts to sing along with your favorite polyphonic instrument or even create a version of your own, perhaps!

‘Midnights’ is the tenth studio album by American singer-songwriter Taylor Swift. Midnights contains confessional yet cryptic lyrics, and ruminating themes such as anxiety, insecurity, self-criticism, self-awareness, insomnia, and self-confidence. Musically, Swift experimented with electronica, dream pop, bedroom pop, and chill-out music styles in the album, eschewing the alternative folk sound of her 2020 releases for a return to synth-pop. It is characterized by subtle grooves, vintage synthesizers, drum machines, and hip hop/R&B rhythms.


Lavender Haze - Bb Major


Maroon - G Major


Anti-Hero - E Major


Snow on The Beach - A Major


You're on Your Own, Kid - D Major


Midnight Rain - C Major


Question...? - C Major


Vigilante Shit - C Major


Bejeweled - C Major


Labyrinth - C Major


Karma - Ab Major


Sweet Nothing - C Major


Mastermind - E Major


The Great War - Bb Major


Bigger Than The Whole Sky - F# Major


Paris - G Major


High Infidelity - Bb Major


Glitch - A Major


Would've, Could've, Should've - G Major


Dear Reader - C Major

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