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The 2-5-1 JAZZ PIANO Chord Progression

Download Jason Zac's 15-page downloadable PDF copy of the entire 2-5-1 Jazz Piano Chord Progression series and help support our channel: https://www.patreon.com/posts/48409329. It will be a good guide to supplement your learning. Learn the 2-5-1 jazz chord progression as part of our series on Beginner Jazz Piano. In this lesson, we look at the Theory of the 2 5 1 progression on both the Major & Minor scale using functional harmony. We then focus on Improvisation basics along with the use of Inversions. After watching this video, stay tuned to Part 2 & Part 3 where we focus on a goto voicing technique for Piano and music players in general as well as a groovy sixteenth note Latin rhythm pattern that can embellish the chord progression.

0:00 - Performance

00:24 - Introduction & Lesson Goals

01:03 - Finding the ii, V & I 02:31 - Forming Triads of the Major Scale

04:53 - Extended Harmony using Seventh Chords

11:05 - Forming the Harmonic & Natural Minor scale

12:26 - Extended Harmony for the Minor Scale

15:23 - Inversions Usage

17:39 - Improvisation with Chord Tones

19:19 - Improvisation with “Color Tones” (Tensions - 9s/11s/13s)

22:11 - Conclusion & Preparation for further lessons


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