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The Best Way to Practice Chords on the Piano (3D)

Here's the best way to practice chords on the Piano by training your Harmonic Ear, Chord Inversions, and singing all at the same time with a unique 3-dimensional approach towards practicing music. We use the following chord progression: G Eb C Em Cm Gm Edim7 Abmaj7 Amin7b5 Dsus Please support us on Patreon - https://www.patreon.com/jasonzac

► Follow me on Instagram: https://instagram.com/jasonzac The focus is to sing the upper register of the chord while voicing it to retain a constant note (in this exercise we use G). Along with singing the upper register (constant), you will also need to work on the bass note (root) of each chord. We start with Diatonic Harmony, move to Chromatic triads, extended harmony, and then play a 10 chord exercise created by Jason to take all this into overdrive! Here’s a sequence of 10 chords for you. Play them on your instrument of choice using any rhythm pattern or tempo but voice the chords such that “G” is always the highest note of each chord you play Perform the 10 chords along with singing. You can sing either of the following: * The High G (consistently) * The Root (Bass) notes of each chord (trickier!)


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