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The EASY Method to work out Intervals - Piano Music Theory

In this Music Theory lesson, we explore an easy method to understand intervals on the Piano and how to identify them using the Circle of Fifths and Chords (Triads).

Intervals are the building blocks of Melody & Harmony and are essential to learning Scales and Chords. Also, learn extended intervals using seventh chords.

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00:00 Introduction

01:12 Perfect 4ths and Perfect 5ths

02:53 Major and Minor 3rds

04:33 Forming Thirds using triads

05:28 Seventh Intervals (major 7th and Dom 7th chords)

09:27 6th intervals, Augmented 5th and Diminished 7ths

12:38 Tritone (dim 5 or Aug 4)

14:23 Major second and Minor second

14:56 Extended intervals (9, 11, 13)

17:10 Revision


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