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The Importance of Legato Playing- Nathaniel School of Music

Our Keyboard Faculty, Jason Zachariah explains the importance of playing in the Legato style with a unique exercise which can be practiced on your instrument of choice

C F G Bb C Bb G F

D F G Bb C Bb G F

E F G Bb C Bb G F

E D' Bb G F E F G

1. Legato allows you to focus on the entire duration of a note, apart from the Attack

2. Legato makes the sound a lot more smoother and should be a default playing style for most musicians

3. Legato playing has a lot more clarity at lower registers making the sound less muddy

4. Legato when combined with staccato and rests, gives music its contrast

5. In the long run, Legato playing allows you to play a lot faster

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