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The MOTHER 👩🏽 of ALL Chord Progressions - Pachelbel’s Canon 🎹

📝 Notation, MIDI & handwritten notes are available on Patreon for this lesson and many more: https://www.patreon.com/posts/86130819 In this Piano tutorial, we look at a great chord progression based on Johann Pachelbel’s Canon in D and practice Melodic Chord Inversions with Arpeggios. We also learn the Essential Music Theory of Chords, Scale Degrees & Inversions 🎵 5 ways to make Arpeggios sound MELODIC: https://youtu.be/toLzes5QqTgArpeggio 🎹 SECRETS to Solo Piano Accompaniment using Arpeggios and Choral Harmony: https://youtu.be/RNIwa6b7edQ

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