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The REGGAE Piano Rhythm Pattern which you HAVE TO LEARN NOW!

Learn how to play Reggae on the Piano with the tutorial moving from an easy to learn beginner piano pattern all the way to some interesting syncopation rhythms using ghost notes over a sixteenth note swing feel Reggae is one of the core genres in Music and is essential for every contemporary Piano player. Play all your favorite Reggae songs from great artists like Bob Marley at different skill levels. Here’s one rhythm pattern to rule them all!

00:00 Performance

00:51 Introduction

02:46 Feeling Sixteenth Notes, Swing & Subdivisions

05:43 The Basic Reggae Piano Rhythm

06:34 Adding Ghost Notes at the “e” of the beats

13:43 Playing the 1 5 6 4 chord progression

14:28 Sneaking in “one more” ghost note

15:29 Let’s bring in the Singing - Bob Marley time!

20:15 Conclusion

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