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Top 5 Strumming Patterns for Acoustic Guitar you MUST KNOW!

In this Acoustic Guitar lesson, we go through 5 must know strumming patterns which I think are the best for a beginner and essential to play genres like Country, Folk, Pop & Rock music. Download the entire PDF with explanations & notations of 10 strumming patterns: (5 beginner & 5 advanced) Learn more and enroll for our Guitar Course (Private & Group classes) which includes technique, theory, ear training & rhythm practice: In this lesson, we use simple Eighth (8th) notes and practice up & down stroke rhythm patterns with a variety of accents, ghost notes as well as “snare’ drum” like percussion!

00:00 Performance Introduction to Strokes, Accents & Ghosts Pattern

7:37 1 Pattern

10:21 2 Pattern

13:57 3 Pattern

18:38 4 Pattern

21:10 5 Pattern

24:04 Conclusion

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