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What are DYNAMICS in Music? (Piano 🎹 Lesson) - Everything you need to know!

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

Here’s how you use Dynamics to create an impact on the Piano and stand out from the crowd as a professional musician. These are the ingredients in music that answer the question - “Why doesn’t it sound that way when I play it?”. We cover all forms of Dynamics - Volume/Expression, Legato/Staccato, Pitch and Density

00:00 Performance

00:43 Introduction

01:50 Dynamics in Music - Vocals, Drums, and Visuals

04:41 Properties of Sound

04:52 Organic Volume Control with the Breath

07:01 Legato & Staccato

10:01 Pitch Variations

12:25 Musical Density

14:21 The importance of Dynamics

15:54 Conclusion

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