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What should you ACTUALLY DO & NOT DO in your Left Hand?Turn on screen reader support

Download the Notation and all my handwritten notes for this lesson and every other tutorial on YouTube - https://www.patreon.com/posts/62985098 (Support us on Patreon) Learn an Epic Piano Melody and how to accompany it in the Left Hand with various patterns and techniques based purely on the role of each register or octave range of the Piano.

00:00 Performance

00:50 The registers of the Piano (Introduction)

03:04 Learn the E minor Melody

05:47 How to use the Transpose button?

07:08 The whole melody with E minor chord

08:02 The 4 chords (Em D C Bm)

10:31 Melody and Chords in the Right Hand

13:29 Let’s go Lower with Power Chords

15:34 Spread Voicing (Open 10th Chords)

17:10 Octaves with Triads

20:24 Revision/Summary

21:50 Conclusion

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