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You probably don’t know these 5 facts about the Harmonic Minor Scale!

In this Music Theory & Piano tutorial, we explore unique ways to compose music using the Harmonic Minor scale. We learn about the Triad formation, the chord extensions & tensions. We then look at 5 composition methods that use different aspects of the scale to build our music. The Harmonic Minor scale perhaps gets its name for the vast number of chords that can be built from the scale. We also extend the scale to build “The Hybrid Minor”. Make sure to watch this lesson till the very end!

0:00 Performance

1:00 Introduction

10:51 Six Major & Six Minor?

14:48 The many "avatars” of the Dominant Chord

19:50 Borrowing from the Natural (Parallel) Minor (Hybrid Minor)

26:50 Chord Extensions with both “Flavour” & “Mystery”

30:11 Using the Diminished 7th Chord

34:32 Revision

37:57 Conclusion

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