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Advanced Course

🇮🇳 Rs. 20000 / 🌎 420$

 Singers are the epicentre of almost every musical form or genre ever invented. This is an undeniable indicator of the voice’s incredible versatility. However,  like every other instrumentalist, the singer needs education, practice and constant care to develop the latent potential within his/ her voice. With the right principles in place and a disciplined approach towards achieving mastery, the trained voice is capable of exploring musical possibilities that may not be evident to an untrained singer.
NSM’s advanced vocal program will refine and shape your vocal skills. Learn advanced techniques and understand the intricacies of the human voice.  

By the end of this course, you’ll be able to

  • Understand advanced vocal techniques

  • Sing different styles of music

  • Sing Harmony

  • Sight sing

  • Develop a rich choral sound

  • Shift between different registers

  • Communicate emotions through songs


Advanced Vocal Techniques

  • Shifting between different registers

  • Legato

  • Vibrato

  • Falsetto and control

  • Singing with power

  • Dynamics

Train Singers to Change Registers Smoothly

  • How many Registers

  • Changing Registers Smoothly: Males

  • Changing Registers Smoothly: Females

Contemporary and Classic Styles

  • Study the landmarks of the contemporary and classical music repertoire, from the baroque and the romantic era to the latest hits. You’ll learn what’s required to perform with authenticity and confidence in different styles.

Singing in Harmony

  • Harmony Singing covers a variety of approaches to harmony singing, from performing as part of a backing vocal line-up to directing your own vocal arrangement.

  • Study the concept of a choir and learn the functioning of each voice (soprano, alto, tenor and bass) and their roles. Also, figure out where you fit in this vast frequency spectrum.

Sight Singing

Sight Singing is extremely useful for learning repertoire, allowing you to respond quickly in a number of professional situations including studio session work and live performance.

Developing a Rich Voice: The Symbols and Psychology of Resonance

Making Sense Out of Sound: How to Communication Ideas, Emotions and Situations

  • Consonants of Primary Importance

  • Sung Language Not the Same as Spoken

  • Consonant Exercises

  • Problems of Articulation

  • Problems of Pronunciation

Strategies and Techniques for Developing a Rich Choral Sound

  • Ways to improve Choral Singing

  • Effective Procedures for Choral Rehearsals - Warm Up Calisthenics

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